Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a day in the life

I've been away from my  bloggy blog because we are Potty Training!  Oh yea.  So far so good (since last Friday) for my first time potty training a boy.  I'll update on that soon and let you know what is working.

Today I am back on my blog to share with anyone and no one about my crazy day.  My mom says that I have "I Love Lucy" moments and that is too true.  Comedy.
So sometimes I wonder why I take two kids out to buy bread and milk, but I keep doing it again!
Today we made a quick Wal-Mart run.  Quick means, nurse the baby in the parking lot when we get there.  Get the double stroller out and open. Load up the diaper bag, wallet, and both kids and oh don't forget the sippy cup.  And we go inside to by some basics.  First I am stopped by a nice lady who wants to tell me a suggestion for teething babies.  She called my son a "she" (and he's not actually teething yet) but I took no offense and just listened to her suggestion..... and life story about her four grandkids and five kids she raised and even her doctor's name in NJ.  Awesome times.  This employee was nice and while it was random, I now know her doctor in NJ's suggestions for my child's teething and as a bonus track I also got tips on dealing with the stomach bug too, also from the same doctor from NJ that she still calls from Atlanta.  Ok, got the bread and cereal...Strawberry boxes are on sale $2... heading for the milk.  Went over to look for clothes and found some play shorts for $3.50 and I'm thinking about what a sweet deal that is when IT HAPPENS. Melt down city.  As my cousin says, I pushed it and stayed about four minutes longer than I should have...  I'm in the shoes, in the very BACK of the store and both kids are "DONE".  They have had it with the shoppin' time.  The toddler is begging for juice like a scratched repeating CD.  A fussy "I need to go home and take a nap now" repeating cry for more juice.  The baby is crying.  He wants to nurse and go take a nap too.  Ok.  I barrel toward the front of the store to make my way to the check out line.  Everyone I pass is giving me looks as my double stroller of kids and food (and cute pair of shorts) is getting noticed.  They fuss and cry through out the check out process.  The nice express lane lady coments on "Done and Done-er" and hurries to get us out.  Now we are heading for the car.  Let's head home and get a nap.  I got everything unloaded out of the stroller and loaded up in the car.  The toddler is still droning about more juice so I finally open the milk (while I'm loading the car) and pour his sippy cup.  I got everything and everyone back in the hot car.  I get the crying baby to let him nurse again.  Then, as I'm putting him in his car seat I SMELL SOMETHING.  Remember that we are potty training?!  Yea.  So, he didn't tell me and he had a poopy situation.  I choose NOT to unload and go back inside.  I will just deal with this one in the car.  While I'm changing the poopy pants toddler and he's laughing and kicking (oh because it would be too easy any other way) and the baby is still "talking" because he's so sleepy an older lady OPENS MY CAR DOOR across from me.  I was so taken back and focused on the kids crying, laughing and needing diapers.... I just said to her, Excuse me?! 
She kind of laughed and told me she had the wrong car.
Crazy times at Wal-Mart are not to be out done by the baby's poopy adventure slash complete diaper blow out this morning when I got to bible study.  (Just finished the Beth Moore study on Revelation)  I saw that it had gone thru his clothes and by the time I got to the bathroom it was all the way down his leg to his ankle.  Yea.  I found a trash bag in a closet and put the clothes in there and literally washed my baby in the SINK of the church restroom! Are you kidding me?  Then I had to carry him back in with only his new diaper on.  (Which meant sharing the lovely story with my whole table group.)  I did have extra clothes in the diaper bag - thank goodness.
I love being a Mama.

Dear Wal-Mart,
Please, oh please make a bread and milk DRIVE-THRU
You'd make millions on the Moms like me who don't wanna get everyone out and in and potty and nap and forget a sippy cup.  It would be SO EASY!  I want a drive -thru!!
Who's with me?


Writeaway said...

I'm with you! I want a drive through because I hate the hassle of getting out and going in the store - and I'm by myself! Better still, I want good ole' home delivery! Just order online and someone shows up at my door with it. Yeah. That is my idea of grocery shopping.

McMel said...

this is one of the funniest posts i've ever read by you! hilarious! oh, it's never easy, is it? because then it would be too easy...

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh the dreaded blow out diapers. Girl I can't tell you how many of those we had in our diaper days. I keep extra clothes with me even now and they are 10, 8, & 4. LOL You just never know. My 4 year old loves puddles and anything dirty.
Always keep extra clothes in the trunk and the diaper bag. I kept diapers in every corner...because we always had messes. :)
I agree drive through stores are a necessity for us moms.

Mari said...

Okay, I'll sign the drive-thru petition! When I was little in Miami we had Farm Stores where you could drive through and get bread, milk, eggs, doughnuts and ice cream. I'm sure there were more things, those are the ones I remember. GREAT PLACE! Wonder what happened to them?

Jenny said...

Haha! I just found your blog. Loved your story! I can totally relate. My girls are 3 and 1 so we have the gigantic double stroller to drag around too. I would totally love a drive thru for things like bread and milk. I've thought that many times myself. Why hasn't anyone come up with that? I've often wanted to go through the drive thru at CVS or some other pharmacy and ask them to please run and get me a gallon of milk or whatever item I'm in desperate need of just so I don't have to drag all my kids out of the car and into Walmart. They also need to make bigger shopping carts because once I put the two girls in the cart there's no room for groceries.