Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 14 Month Birthday

Happy 14 Month Birthday

Month 13 Highlights:
-26.3lbs, 33", size 6&1/2 shoe (fully walking now & running!!)
-Lots of reading... The Going to Bed Book, Things That Go, ELMO, Noah's Crew Came Two By Two
-Lots of watching ELMO (we also watch Baby Einstein, Let's Make Music, & Winny the Pooh)
-Shots (yuck!!)
-More words and more communication
Cookie= Cook Cracker=Kak Kak Cow=Cah & Moo Owl=ahwl
and more... "all done", "up", "out"... Juice="Joo"...
(these are just the new words he's added this month to the ones he already had like "this", "that", "dog", "cat", "sock"...etc...)
-Loves learning about animals
-Good eater, kinda on a green food kick, still nursing
-Pumpkin Patch (it was fun to see you walk & point)
-Shakes head for "no" & "yes" (says "no" now too)
-Pretends to talk on Mama's phone
-Knows the points of his face and other body names
(eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, fingers, toes, belly button, hair)
-Dances on cue w/ some new moves, including knee bending
-Stays in the nursery some/more now than than he had in the past & does well
-Very sweet personality... shares, thoughtful, compassionate, still does sign for "please"
-His favorite time of the day is seeing "Daa" at the door coming home from work
-LOVES to brush his teeth and LOVES the toothbrush from Grandma!!
-Loves bath time


Writeaway said...

He also says, "Hot" and "Wawa" for water. He also tells himself "no" when he sees the steps or something hot - or the electrical sockets!

You didn't mention those big brown eyes and long lashes that have developed under that cute blond hair. And that expressive face with the eyebrows that go up with he questions something...

Yep, I could pretty much talk about him all day long. He's close to perfect. And when he throws his arms around me, I'd give him the world...

jamie in rose cottage said...

I love these posts you do; these are things you think you could NEVER forget, but they do sort of fade, and you remember some, but not all, and not exactly what age they did them. Wonderful idea. And a handsome boy! :-)