Thursday, October 2, 2008

My 6 Quirks

So I was tagged by KATIE to jump in on this blogasphereic ban wagon. The Quirks:

1.) I'm very odd about germs and I do things in certain ways to avoid germs. The quirk gets even more odd because I'm not consistent... it's more of an issues w/ public germs or other people's germs. I guess I"m Ok w/ my own?!! (See past blog post: Clean and Dirty
Is is just me?)
2.) Going natural. Ever since the day I saw two lines on the pregnancy test, I sought ways to be healthy and natural. I avoided toxins, ate well, and even changed the way I cleaned the house. I had a natural (non-medicated) labor with God's help! Now that I have him -- I try to be all organic with him and choose wisely. The quirk is a quirk even more, because it's only about certain things. I still allow myself to eat at Chick-fil-A!! (See past blog post: Be a Healthy Mom
What to Inspect When You're Expecting)
3.) My house plants have a personalities (yea, I know) and they have to be in certain places and can't be moved around because they like the amount of sun they receive where they are!!
4.) I like to be outside, especially when my son wants to play, but I don't like grass to touch my skin. Itchy!!
5.) I do not like turtlenecks and will not wear them. In fact I have an intense dislike for anything to touch my neck or to feel tight around my neck. I can't breath. But please don't use this information against me!
6.) I love hand-sanitizer, Neosporin, and eating breakfast cereal as often as possible.
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Elizabeth said...

looks like you just did a MEME but mine is different...and you've been tagged! just want to learn more about you! :-)

Katie-Katie-Married-Lady said...

Yay! All right! I love that I new about most of those...except the organic thing, that's new. It's cool though, I've become an obsesive recycler so we make a good pair. At my new job they only recycle paper, so I collect all my own plastics (and anyone elses I can grab) and take them home myself. I've been known to dig through the trash to sort them...only at home though. At the office that would be weird.

Writeaway said...

OK - I did it. You tagged me and you asked for it... so go to my blog and see how weird I am. :>)

(As if you didn't know...)