Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Family Update

The past few weeks have been super busy (if you were wondering where I was). We had a few days to prep for our first BEACH TRIP!! And then we left out a little earlier because of my husbands work schedule. We ended up getting a car wreck on the way and came back home (we were not too far from home yet, just past Atlanta) that night. My hubby changed out a tire and we left again the next morning. We were a little shaken, but we were ALL FINE! Thank you Lord! God is so good to us. Now we are just praying that there will be a minimal amount of legal trouble surrounding that. But by the 2nd day at the Beach, we all just calm down and ENJOYED the trip SO MUCH! We were in Hilton Head, SC and it was very nice! Then we stopped thru Savannah, GA on the way home and walked through the shops (had to go to the candy shop with our little man) and ate a picnic dinner out of the back of the car, right by the river. Nice!! We got lots of great trip pics to share... SOON!
After we got home from great Beach trip, I had one day to unload the car, dump pictures, get food back in the house, etc... and then it was BIRTHDAY time!
On his real birthday, we went to meet my mom for lunch at Chick-fil-A. The manager and a few employees came out with a little cow, a balloon, and a brownie (with a lite candle) and sang to him!!! I was expecting that, but it was GREAT! Then he got to play on the indoor play ground for a little while. My mom went back to work and my husband had a trade show that day, so I just took him to a new soft play place at our mall (it's FREE too) for some Mommy play time! We did that for a while. And I found polo shirts on clearance at JCPenny for $3! He played hard and then fell asleep in the stroller before we ever made it back out to the car! Nap time.

When Daddy got off work, we went to Chili's to eat. You can get an appitizer, two meals, and a dessert for $20. Our little bear LOVED the chocolate lava cake from Chilis!! It was a huge hit. And we just let him go for it... because it was his Birthday!

Daddy and Mama took him to an aquarium store to see NEMO and DORY! Fun! And then to a hobby store where you can see trains and little animals and there is even a free play area there with several Thomas the train tables and other toys. He really had fun showing us around and seeing SO MUCH! (We'd never been to either of these with him before.)

On the evening of his birthday, after doing SO MUCH already, Daddy still wanted to take us by Chuck E. Cheese to play games for a little while. He ran around like a wild man!! It was a lot of fun. If you don't eat there... the games are NOT expensive at all. Plus we took him last year, when he turned one, so we I guess we felt that it was "tradition" to do the Chuck E. Cheese thing on the real birthday! We all had fun and we were very sleepy. It was a happy birthday!!

Then I had one day to run around -- getting balloons, cupcakes, etc... to prep for his birthday party with our play group friends. And they were saying it was supposed to storm.... a thunder storm is not really good for a NEMO POOL PARTY! But God was good, and the weather was GREAT! We enjoyed the pool, ate lunch, had a jumpy thing to play in, and celebrated with cupcakes and all of our friends. Both of MY Grandmothers came too, which was really special to have them there and get pictures of him with them. And even though we said, "no gifts" he still got several gifts and toys and new books! He will really enjoy that though. Our friends are dear. We LOVE our play group!!

If all of that was not enough, we had a FAMILY 2nd BIRTHDAY PARTY on Saturday!!! My whole family (except my sister who is away at Univ. of Alabama and could not get back and we MISSED her) and my husbands whole family and a couple of our aunts and cousins came over for another pool party, bbq, and cupcakes. He was showered with gifts from everyone and loved getting eat CAKE again!!! He enjoyed playing and took a good nap. Then we went out to dinner with my husbands parents before they got back on the road to go home.

We've had lots of happy birthday's!

I was in a snappy / not-as-nice mood on Saturday while getting the food ready for our Family Lunch Party. I could not figure out why, but I felt that I was on the edge of crying. I just said, I am pregnant and it's probably just hormones or something. Later on, I realized what it was... I had filled out something and I had to enter his birthdate into the form -- when it showed he was two going on three, it was like a shock just seeing that. I actually thought I had done something wrong, on the form, and then when I double checked it, it just HIT ME... My baby really is two now and going on three. That had gotten me all emotional. He's not a baby anymore. It's going by TOO fast. And yet, I know that I have so much to be grateful for. He's healthy. He's happy and very joyful. He's thriving. He's funny. He's smart. And our family it growing! God is so good and living life with my family is so good. I guess there are just days where Mama wishes she had a PAUSE button.
Today, Monday, we went for his two yr well visit and the last round of shots. Only one today, but it was awful. He was very aware of all of it and kept saying, "All Done". But he is healthy and he continues to surpass the developmental questions at each check-up.
He weighs 32lbs and he is 36&1/2" tall now. (He got to do ht and wt on the STAND UP deal this time.... He's not a baby.)
The dr said he's still at the top of the chart on ht. and close to the top on wt. (in perfect proportion) and if he continues on this path, he will be about 6'2 or above and weigh about 195 BEFORE THE END OF HIGH SCHOOL! What? My baby boy is going to be a big guy!! I just hope he will still love on him Mama and that he won't out grow the amazing bond we share. I'm crazy about my kids! My boys are such a blessing.
(PS - I'm now 27 weeks along and things are great with the pregnancy!)

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He & Me + 3 said... much to comment on. I am glad that you are all ok and that you are back safe and sound. Sounds like the best 2nd birthday ever. He is a blessed little boy to have so many people that love him. WE love to go to Chuck E Cheese for the games only too. It is really cheap.
Sounds like he will be a big guy too when he grows up. Stunt Man is going to be that big as well. WE are hoping so for the athletics aspect. don't even look pregnant still. You are glowing!