Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 29 Months Old

Happy 29 Months
Little Bear

Highlights of Month 28
- into christmas movies: ELMO's Christmas Countdown (he calls it Chrissy Mo), Super Sluthes Save Christmas (which he calls Christmas Tig), Veggie Tales 1. The Toy That Saved Christmas  2. Saint Nicholas, Fruitcake Christmas (a Max Lucado film), And another ELMO one where ELMO wishes it was Christmas everyday
- your 3rd Christmas... you were sick with a double ear infection, you got new animals, books, VD's, clothes, and a new trike!
- you are say other people's names now
- when you "get Daddy" you say "get two necks" which means to get you on one side the neck and then get you on the other side of your neck...and you laugh so much
- you say your own name & sometimes speak in 3rd person (too cute)
- you say "thank you, your welcome" when we give you something
- you take your shoes, and  sometimes socks too, OFF in the car.... not Mama"s favorite phase! ready for you to keep your shoes ON, especially while it"s cold
- starting to potty train
- favorite foods: chicken, gala apples, eggs
- you love fruit snacks, which you call color snacks, as a treat
- dealing w/some 2's tantrums and or stand-off's but things are manageable overall.... a short phase
- got the stomach bug, but only one night (Mama and Daddy's first time to clean up real throw up off the bed and sheets... wow)
- Snow and Ice for 3 or 4 days.... played with ice off of Gran Gran's swimming pool, throwing it down to watch it break
- you say YES now (instead of just aways saying OK)
- you say "Mon, Dah-ee"  or "Mon, Mah-ee"  (Meaning Come On Daddy)
- you say "Well" before you say what you want to say sometimes and it's just so CUTE
- you have said "Oh Gosh!" a few times (must have heard that from one of us)
- Daddy had two different job interviews this month, progress
- like to play with your new animals and your new bath shark
- like your aqua doodle
- Aunt E had her 20th Birthday!!-
- wrote on Kiki's brand new Wii Fit board with a brown crayon
(it comes off with soft scrub folks)
- got PlayDoh for the first time , it was a Christmas gift, lots of fun (we did it in the high chair so there were not be a huge mess)
- got a "view finder" for Christmas just like Mommy and Daddy used to play with... we got animal disks so we can talk about all of the animals you see!
- you are an excillent BIG BROTHER!  Seriously, I could say SO MUCH about how well you have done to get used to having another person in our familly.  This is a big change, and you are GREAT with it!  You help Mommy with the baby and you always check on him.  You even like to bring other people over to check on him and kiss him.  You are WONDERFUL and pray that yall will be fast friends and have a super close relationship as friends and brothers.
- we love you and can hardly believe that you are almost 2 and 1/2 already!!!!!!!!!!

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