Monday, January 11, 2010

Passing of a Mentor

One of my mentors passed away over the weekend.  It happen so fast.  I have been in shock.  I don't understand.  And yet, I look to the Lord and He is my peace.

Julia was a prayer warrrior.  She had such a passion for prayer and for the presence of God.  She was seeking first the Kingdom and had a way of bringing Heaven and Earth together in her daily life.  Julia's marriage was awesome.  She and her husband, Tom, were BEST FRIENDS and true partners.  They did everything together and have traveled a lot since he was a pilot.  Most of all, they ministered together.  They set such an example for me and my husband of who and what we'd like to be. 

I plan to write more about Julia in the near future.  I also want to share with you something so neat.....

Julia's husband Tom prayed and asked the Lord how to greive and how to heal....  and the Lord inspired him to START A BLOG!  He said in the old days, you passed down stories, and he wants stories of this amazing Lady for his grandkids.  He also believe that he will heal faster thru this process of BLOGGING.



AtlantaMama said...

Enjoying Tom's Blog SO Much!

The Video Guy said...

I am following his blog too.