Monday, September 27, 2010


Happy Anniversary
to my Hubby!!


We met our junior yr in college.  Our first date: April 18th.  We got engaged on Dec. 18.  We got married after we finished school (2003). We've lived in 4 different houses, we've had about 7 different jobs (btw the two of us), we've traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and made lots of memories, we have had 2 great kids!!, we've made lots of friends, we have a great church community, and well.... we are doing this thing called LIFE together.  It's been an adventure!  Some days, it seems like a wild Six Flags ride and other days it seems natural and organic.  We are very blessed by our family and friends.  We are very blessed by our two wonderful boys.  And we certainly blessed to have each other...
So here's to many more...


Happy 7 Year Anniversary


He & Me + 3 said...

I would say that you all have had quite a fun ride. Happy Anniversary. May your year be blessed.

Lora said...

yay!!! happy anniversary! and 7 years is a great number - very prophetic! this is the year of perfection for you guys!! :) may God perfect every good work in you this year, individually and as a couple. :)

AtlantaMama said...

Thank You for you kind words!! I pray and hope that this is a BLESSED year in everyway and that God will do an even greater work in us and in "us". Than k you both!