Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept 2010 Update...

I want more time to blog so that I can keep a track record of all of the great stories of my kids and our family life together.  This summer was super busy with trips and visits to their grandparents.  Then we took a huge step with our company so I have just stayed busy!    We enjoyed our church summer camp this summer, and our first big family fishing trip to a lake and river area in north Georgia, we enjoyed lots of swimming time and cooking out together, we celebrated Nana's 50th this summer, we found out that our brother and sister in-law are going to have a baby in Feb 2011, we enjoyed lots of other friends 3rd birthday parties from our playgroup... I met two of these mom's in our Lamaze class over three years ago!!  It's been a busy summer.  This summer also brought some harder times with our house on the market and more importantly Gran Gran has had a lot going on with his heart and A-fib issues.  Wow, we have been busy!

We have recently enjoyed our toddler's 3 year birthday and our little baby love is now 10 months old!

The baby is pulling up all day long and will even let go and just stand.  He'll be walking soon!  He's also teething very fast... already up to 7 teeth!  He's a busy baby.  He does not stay still for long.  He's a talker too... tellin' us all about it!  We are so blessed by him.

Our amazingly funny toddler is almost fully potty trained now.  He likes the "big boy pants" and being a big boy "like Daddy".  The poopy was our hardest step but we are doing better and better.  We are enjoying this age because we talk and talk and he just says the funniest things.  He's always been into animals and we continue to talk about animals and become animals and draw pictures of animals.  It's his thing!  We are doing homeschool pre-school... yes!  I never thought I would homeschool... but here we go!  He is so smart and I love to watch him learn.  We are doing more now with some Leap Frog stuff and he's just doing great.  We do lots of hands on art work to talk about colors, shapes, letters, etc... and then we hang the art work up to show it off to Daddy, Kiki, and Gran Gran.  He is an awesome kid!!  We are so close and I love our relationships with in our little family of four. 

The boys love each other and laugh at each other often.  They laugh at each other when it's time for naps or bed time and I don't even know what they are laughing at or why they think the other one is so funny.  It's a brother thing.  My Husband and I are really working on honor being the key thing in our home.  We want to set an example of honoring each other and showing love and respect.  We set that out there for them too... even between each other.  We believe if we encourage them to honor, respect, and love each other (and us) then that will translate outside the home to other friends, and other adults.  Character is more important than schooling.  Character is built through example and relationship.  We are are all learning... the kids are learning about each other and how to treat each other and we are learning a lot as parents of two boys.

I am very busy with the kids, homeschool stuff, our company (I am a photographer), and my own stuff - like our small group and our mom's groups... but I sure do miss keeping up with my blog.  It's a good outlet for me.  Me time is few and far between these days.

Please continue to pray for my Daddy.  Pray for our house to SELL.  And please pray for favor over our family run company!!!


The Video Guy said...

we have been busy... but certainly in a good way

Writeaway said...

Cool to recap the summer. We spent lots of time in the pool too! Love the grilling out, swimming, hanging out at home days too... and so glad those little boys love the water!