Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 16 Month Birthday

Happy 16 Month Birthday
little guy

Highlights from Month 15:
-learning to run
-falling and running into things
-a lot more of mom saying, "slow down" "sit down" "calm down" "don't run" "hold still"
-first nose bleed (the day before Thanksgiving - due to running into a table)
-family photos from the Christmas card
-first pair of brown dress shoes, size 7 (hard sole)
-speaking MORE and more ...over 40 words now
-loves ELMO and POOH ("ea-mo" or "mo-mo" and "pooh" & "tig")
-blows on hot food and feeds himself with a spoon
-new love for 'the dog movie' (Lady and the Tramp) LOVES IT
-ring around the legs game... this is when Mama or Dada are trying to cook dinner or wash their hands and the toddler grabs one leg and spins around and between your legs
-bending in half to "stand on his head" - we're not sure why?!
-working on counting but will only say "two"
-working on colors but will only say "blue" but can point to others
-working on letters but only have "S" "P" "O"and "G" right now
-stacking blocks instead of only knocking them down, ok not really instead of, but in addition to
-15 mo shots, wt. 28# 6& 1/2oz, ht. 34"
-18-24 mo clothes, still size 4 diapers
-when we say, "in Jesus name", he says "Amen"
-Saturday, Dec. 13: Got his first molar (his upper left side) and discovered the mall escalator and loved going up
-requests tea and often says "tea" when he sees his juice cup (that's Mom's fault, I love tea!)
-Dec. 17: Said, "I love you" while we were all driving and I started to cry
-started saying "Mama" and "Mommy"
For the longest time he's called me "Da" or "Nulk" (his word for milk) and now, at last, I am Mama!!! = )

-waking up and kissing Daddy on your own w/o being told
-the 1,2,3 run across the room at Daddy game
-the new squirrel feeder
-saying bath and requesting to have a bath first thing when you wake up
-still nursing
-the 1st blue sucker from the bank and the mess you made enjoying it
-your 2nd Thanksgiving with your grandparents and three Great-Grandmothers and lots of riding in the power wheels jeep with Chandler, you saw horses and cows and Nanny's big German Shepherd. You loved "playing" football with the guys around Gran Gran's pool. And you enjoyed seeing Taylor's new puppy and playing with Jarrett's basket ball goal and indoor slide.
-your love of finding a good stick continues
-constantly learning and talking and taking things in
-Mama & Dada are looking forward to new DVD's and new books for you next week... we only have about a dozen books and they are all memorized!!
You are very joyful and such a blessing to our lives!!!

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the wyatts said...

you are such a great mama.