Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve!!!

We love Christmas Eve, because it's part of the whole Christmas tradition. When we were young, we got to open one of our "small" gifts on Christmas Eve and that was always fun. A foretaste of the next morning I guess. But my favorite memories of Christmas Eve are going to church, singing Christmas songs, being a part of the Christmas story being told at church (dressing up and sitting up in front), going to the Smith's big Christmas Eve party for years and years, and then our family time... we would sit or even lay down near the tree with all of the light off in the room except the tree... we would sit and talk about what we had done that year, what we were looking forward to in the next year, what we were grateful for, etc... It was very nice.

Now, as a Mom, I spend Christmas Eve at my in laws house which means we usually miss our church service. But it's great to get to see them and have our Christmas with one whole side of our large family. Family is Christmas tradition in the best way!

We celebrate Jesus birth, Family, and count our blessings tonight!
Merry Christmas Eve 2008!!!

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Merry Christmas to you!