Monday, December 29, 2008

Running Shadow

I took my little guy to a near by park today so that he could run in freedom. This park has a great open field that is pretty flat so he could just GO! It was really fun. It was sunny, for a late December day, and he discovered his shadow today!!! It was so cute to watch him run and then look around to find it again. At times he would try to run toward it... like he was going to get it. But of course that little shadow boy kept running faster and farther away. Sometimes he looked around for it like he was just not sure about it and wanted to get away from it. It was very cool to watch him learning and investigating what this "shadow thing" was all about. I showed him Mama's shadow too and even waved my arms and danced a little bit so he could look back and forth from the shadow to Mama to see that we were both moving. Fun times and a neat memory. He loved being able to run freely, without me saying, "slow down" or "no touch". Oh, the freedom!!! We also took turns kicking a little basketball. He loved finding sticks and rocks too... such a BOY!


Anonymous said...

The shadow story is so cute. I can just visualize his trying to run from it. So sweet. Mimi

Anonymous said...

SUCH a cute story! Thanx

Writeaway said...

Who would want to run from THAT cute shadow????!!!!! I want to run TO it!