Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Atlanta Mama's Wordle

To create your own, go to Wordle
If you enter your blog site, it will pull words together to create a small work of art. I've attempted to make larger (below) so you can read it.
Wordle: AtlantaMama2
My friend, at Letters to Catherine made one & I had to try it!
I made this one for the blog by entering words:
Wordle: My Blog
I plan to make an even more personal one for my son's scrapbook.


katie davis said...

very cute=)

He And Me + 3 said...

I will have to try it again...I could never get mine to post. I love how Father, Lord and God just stick right out at ya! Great wordle

The Video Guy said...

does it just pull words from your blog site to make that?

AtlantaMama said...

yes... it's a cool site. You can enter you blog address (or another web site that you run) and it will make one... OR you can enter your own words and it will create one that way too. You can copy and paste the code or you can even PRINT them out (which is my plan for scrapbooking)