Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Father

How do you picture Father God?
When I was little, I thought of King Triton
from the Disney movie.
It's important that we have a true view of who God is... Because how we see Him or think of Him will effect how we come to Him.
If someone thinks of Father God as a distant old man or sorta out of touch with their life, that will certainly effect they way they pray -- or don't pray to Him.
If someone pictures God as the Lincoln Memorial statue, that definitely paints a picture of God being a ruler on a thrown, but being cold, stiff, and unapproachable.
How do you picture Father God?
I heard a story today about a 4 year old's soccer game, where a little girl ran down and kicked a goal and she was so excited. But all of the parents knew she scored in the wrong goal. Her father was the coach, but instead of scolding or correcting her, he picked her up and celebrated as if she'd made the final shot in the World Cup! The Bible says, He rejoices over us with singing. He takes great delight in His children.
If we look at who Father God is in scripture, we see that He's good. He's loving. He's ALIVE! He's creative. He's the BEST Father! And he gave His one and only Son in order to save us... well, yes... He gave His one and only Son in order to wash away our sin... well, yes... He gave His one and only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and then be raised from the dead so that He could have you. He loves you to death and He desires a living relationship with you. He is LOVE. He is faithful. He is approachable.
You are loved by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The creator of the entire universe lavishes His love upon you and knows the numbers of hairs on your head. You are on His mind. Whoa... That blows me away. His love is so deep and so complete.
As Tom Roan says, God is good and He's in a good mood.


AtlantaMama said...

For a time now I've been seeking out a TRUE view of God. Asking for revalations of truth.
Lately he's showed me even more about his Love. He's ministered to me in and out of JOY. And He's even showing me that He's FUN. What? God is FUN? Well... yea, He created FUN. That has been rocking my "church view" right out the door!!

Mom On A Mission said...

I used to picture Him like the Lincoln memorial. Now my view is totally different. I'm not sure if you've read it or not, but I recommend "Enjoying God" by S.J. Hill. It totally rocked my perspective of Father God. It's so not what the "religious" church of today thinks of God. It's very refreshing.

Tony C said...

I love the soccer story. If only we all could be that way and keep things in true perspective...

I think we often get wrapped around the Biblical fact that we are created in God's image, yet we're not exactly sure how to define that image outside of what we know and see.

Thoughtful post.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

That was a beautiful post!

I'm praising God for the revelations He continues to bless you with.

His promise if you seek, ask and knock I will be found!

Keep on pressin in and on!

Blessings and love,