Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 20 Month Birthday

Happy 20 Months
little guy
We Love You!

Highlights from Month 19:
-talking so much more
-everyone keeps saying you LOOK older
-wears 2T clothes; 7&1/2 shoe; 4 diaper
-you are very funny & you are learning so much
-your first throw-up bug
-teething... finally got our 1st Canine in (top right)
-weening & almost totally finished
-much better on keeping a bed time & regular nap time this month (and sleeping well)
-love going to the park
-the slide (called the "Whee") is still best
-plays pretend; understood a pretend story line that he and Daddy made up about a red string on the kitchen floor, a "snake" and the stuffed dog went in to "get the snake"
-good eater: chicken, veggies, fruit, even new stuff
-gives kisses (even just on his own)
-said: "I like it" and "I get that Mama"
-Says "Apple" very clear & loves to eat them
-Plays WITH other kids (interacting)
-drinking a lot more (water & juice)
-learning letters, colors, & shapes
-still love animals, animals sounds, & animal books
-enjoyed helping Daddy water plants
-said, "Back, Da" over by the door when I told him Daddy would be gone to work and then he was coming back
-said, "Der y'go, Da"
-Gives Hi Fives to anyone now (even Junior)
-2nd EASTER and enjoyed throwing the eggs into the basket (it looks like a ball, right?)
-loves to sleep w/ one hand on our face (Mama or Daddy or whom ever is holding him) and it's so sweet... it melts my heart
-Letter Recognition (so far): A, C, E, G, L, O, P, R, S
-Enjoys going to the bank where candy comes in a magic plastic container, directly to our car window
-calls all other kids "Baby" even if they are older
-Dances randomly and laughs when we join him
-Still loves some of his same movies, but added NEMO & BOZ to the top of the list
-Still calls Coke & all soda "Gucky" (aka yucky)
-Things He tells "NO" to: The FBI Warnings before the movie starts, snakes & the letter "S", the large Bees outside our door, bugs, barking dogs, the monkeys in the Jungle Book, the rat in Lady and the Tramp, the Bees in Winnie the Pooh, the sharks in NEMO, wall outlets, and the things he's not supposed to touch


AtlantaMama said...

It's hard to believe you're 20 mo old already! We love you SO MUCH and you are such a blessing!

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow...He is doing so much! I sure wish I had had my blog when my kids were this age. What a way to document their stages. Awesome. My son always yells..."FBI Warning" when it comes on. Too funny!

Writeaway said...

I had to laugh at that precious baby boy saying "No!" to the FBI Warning. And he's right! Who wants to watch THAT? He really is a joy. So much fun and so expressive. He lights up our lives!