Thursday, April 23, 2009


Three Stories

#1.) I've been a healthy Mom and really watched what my child puts into his little body. We just stopped nursing... I introduced veggies before fruits... I don't buy things with MSG... I dilute his high-fructose free 100% juice with water... etc... Well, this child is 20 months old and he 's had maybe 3 suckers - ever - from the bank drive thru, but rarely gets CANDY! He thinks that our chewable vitamin C are "candy" -- God bless him. But I just want you to know that God has been teaching me about freedom and I am learning a lot. My husband requested non health food cereal, so I brought home a TREAT:

I just want all of you to know that my child -- with NO instructions what so ever -- when given a small 1/2 cup size bowl of Lucky Charms sat and picked out the marshmallows and completely rejected the other cereal pieces. Despite my efforts for him to choose the healthiest options... my child is completely NORMAL!

#2.) I decided that I needed to wash the stroller cover. (The fabric, You know!) It was really yucky and needed to be CLEAN. Well, who knew that it required an act of congress and a drill (or a screwdriver) to disassemble that sucker and get the cover off. WOW -- it was not easy!! Then once you wash it and air dry it, you must remember how to put it all back. Attaching it to the frame and pulling the straps back thru, etc.. Just call me, Handy-Mom! One Gold Star Please!

#3.) We have our first pet

He's a Caterpillar (aka the nice bug) from Gran Gran and KK's house.
Low maintenance.
Blog Friends, have you had similar experiences?

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