Monday, June 14, 2010

1st Time 4 Everything

We got the bumper lane and found a 6lb ball so that our Toddler man could have at it and enjoy his first adventure in the bowling lane. You mean I can take a ball and throw it as hard as a I can and knock things over?!! Oh yes! He loved it! We did not know about the ramp ahead of time, but that made the ball go even faster... so he loved it too! Mama loves to see my kids light up and try something new. We all enjoyed it until it was time for a nap. He helped me and we still scored 130! Sweet!


AtlantaMama said...

the pics and video are via the blackberry so it's not great... can't believe we didn't have our camera with us... it was not planned, but he had such a fun time! i'm glad we went!!

He & Me + 3 said...

OUr kids love to bowl. Too cute.
He looks like he is having a blast. Those bumper lanes are the best.

ME said...

oh, what fun. i didn't know about the ramp either. oh, and his videos are great.