Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Months

Wow! My sweet little Pumpkin Pie, you are already 7 months old and Mama cannot believe it! Time goes by TOO fast, my Love. This past month (month 6) was loaded with milestones. And once again I find myself being happy for you and so very proud of you and all that is going on as you grow... and yet sad too that with each change means it will never be that way again. New teeth means that your little toothless grin will never be the same. But I am deeply grateful that you are happy, healthy, and thriving. You are so much FUN!

Month 6 Highlights:
- you made a crazy noise while sucking in air (the end of month 5 and the first few weeks of month 6) but you were just vocalizing and you'd even smile about it
- you had your first round of shots
- you were wearing some 3-6 months stuff, but you've now gone to just 6-9month sizes and up
- you got your first tooth, bottom right (may 27, 2010)
- you got your 2nd tooth, bottom left (may 29, 2010)
- you were able to fully roll over and did that often
- you have been crawling backwards (and even getting stuck under things: chairs, ottoman, etc.)
- you figured out how to go from laying to SITTING UP on your own
- you can go from laying on your back, to your tummy, get up on all four and rock or scoot (pre-crawling)
- you started babbling syllables like "da da" and "bu bu" and found your voice toward the end of month six and now you "talk" all the time
- you have to know that Daddy loves that fact that you and your big bro said "da da" FIRST
- you had your first bath in the Bumbo chair
- you had your first bath just sitting up in the bath tub all by your big self
- you are such a happy baby
- you have used some paci's but don't have to have one (you main bite and play w/ them)
- you have used several teethers but anything cold or just actual ice seems best
- you have used large pieces of carrot for a teether and you enjoyed that
- still have not started food - food or any baby food yet, but will in month 7
- you sleep well: still take about 3 naps a day and sometimes 4, sleep through the night great MOST nights, and you always sleep on your belly
- we lowered your crib this month (when you taught yourself to sit up, you were able to get over to the side Mama thought you might try to jump out of the Pack 'N Play)
- you have a great personality
- you love to play with us and with your brother and get right in on whatever is going on
- you love to be tickled and you laugh like you can't breath
- you love your song and just light up when we sing it
- you are a blessing and a gift to us in every way
- 20 lbs 6 oz (early 6 months) my big boy
- we love you and we are so blessed by you

Toes and Teeth (video 1)

On The Move (video 2)

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He & Me + 3 said...

He is so so so cute. Wow 20 pounds already? Good healthy weight. He is a happy baby...I would agree with that one from all the smiley pictures you post. Just precious. What a blessing from God!

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