Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 13 Month Birthday!

(My SIDEBAR: I think that many people think it's funny to keep counting the MONTHS after the child is already 1... but I guess you just fall into tracking the months because most mom's do.)

Happy 13 Month Birthday little guy!!!

We love you SO much!

Highlights from Month 12:
- Walking well (trying to run)
- Able to stand up w/o pulling up
- Your birthday party (parties)
- More communication
- Wanting to read books all of the time (and points things out)
- Going to see your aunt at UA and going to your 1st College Game
- Interacting with family and being the life the get together's
- Another tooth (3rd top tooth)
- Obsession with our ELMO movie (Elmo; The Great Outdoors)
- Dancing (on cue)

- 26 lbs / size 5-51/2 shoes
- Knows eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, toes
- 1st time to the North GA State Fair

Highlights from Month 11:
- Talking and communication increased
- Learning to Walk
- Walking

- 31 " tall / size 12 month clothes
- Learning GOOD/SWEET and NOT SWEET (and sorta testing it out)
- Love for our ELMO movie (Elmo; The Great Outdoors)
- Watches TV: ELMO, Super Why, Word World, Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Club House, Sesame Street, and I hate to admit it... but, Telletubbies too
- Learning to dance and loving music even MORE


Tony C said...

I love your blogs!

I found your blog a few weeks back while searching for bloggers with similar interest. I normally follow religious and political blogs for perspective, but yours resonates with me too.

Maybe it's because I have an 11 month old.

Your writing is very fresh and genuine. I'll be back to read more.

Lindy Simpson Jones said...

you have such a beautiful family!!! every milestone is so fun!

Garrett said...

Y'all are so precious!!! Your blog is so detailed. You put me to shame!

The parade is going to be Tuesday, Oct. 21st at 4:30 at the Hunter's (same as last year). Just set the date. Cant wait 2 see u!

Magnolia Designs said...

Found your blog through Valarie's...we were friends in college. I have a 15 month old and love your documentation of your little one. Check out my blog...


Katie-Katie-Married-Lady said...

Tag! Check here for your assignment!

the wyatts said...

what a beautiful family.

AtlantaMama said...

I'll add to the 13 Months info... we went for our well visit and shots and found out that he is 26.3 lbs. 33" So he was/is in the 90th% for weight and head and in the 95th% for height.