Thursday, September 18, 2008


My husband and I made the decision to self-insure a few months ago. I have been filling out lots of paper work to get our ducks in a row. When asked if I wanted to include maternity benefits, I said YES. (No, I am not pregnant right now, btw.) Well, my outrage is with this... the description and listing of the maternity coverage:
Maternity Benefit Confirmation Notice
You have elected the maternity plan which is offered as a specific disease coverage. This coverage is offered in addition to you health plan.
WHAT? This is offered to me, a healthy person, as a specific disease coverage!?! What disease does a pregnant person have? Outrage. Ladies (and Gentlemen), I am so upset by this.

Being pregnant with my son was a life-changing miracle for me. It was a blessing from God. The bible says that Children are a GIFT FROM THE LORD. Being pregnant is not a sickness and far from a "specific disease". Pregnancy is joy. Pregnancy is the formation of life in the womb by the hand of God... a life the He planned (even if you didn't ; )), He foreknew before the beginning of time. Maternity is natural, healthy, and wonderful. Why can't the health insurance companies see it this way instead of seeing maternity as a condition to treat. Outrage. Broken hearted. But what can we do?

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steve and randel hambrick said...

when i had sara, i was 35. apparently the insurance companies call that "elderly multigravida"... i was appalled that i was considered ELDERLY... those insurance companies!