Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend... On a front porch
swing with my Papa!

We had a great weekend visiting my husbands family on their north GA farm. Our little guy loved to see the cows, the 4-wheeler, the dogs, the cat, the donkey, and the tractor! A boys play day for sure! He had a little cough & cold but all in all we enjoyed it. He loved going to eat BBQ and swinging on the porch with Papa!!
My favorite moment came when we had to stop on our way back home. The baby-love was crying and we knew he had not been feeling well. My husband was so compassionate (read my post "A Daddy's Girl in a Boy World" for more back story on this) and pulled off to stop at a corner gas station. We got him out of the car seat... which was now FRONT FACING for the first time! And he nursed and then we just talked and took turns holding him and loving on him. He sat with my husband, in the drivers seat, in the dark, just looking at the cars & trucks passing by. My husband was teaching him the difference in the vehicles and they would wave to them... "Oh look, there's a truck! Wave bye bye". Of course his favorites were the BIG trucks coming in off the highway. It was a sweet time. We just loved on our son together and we were not in a rush. I can't fully explain why... it was just such a blessing.

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Writeaway said...

Love the picture of Tony laughing. Such a cute relationship between that precious baby boy and his Papa!