Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Happy 4 Month Birthday Pumpkin
March 9, 2010 
We LOVE You!
Highlights of Month 3
- you are so good and so content
- we tell everyone you are an easy baby because you are
- More Snow!!
- everyone says you look like your Mama
- wt 18lbs
- got a little mild ear infection, but no fever & you were fine
- still nursing and sleeping great
- you can fall asleep on your own and sleep on your belly
- you ROLLED OVER once
- you hold your head up great and even try to sit up
- you love to be held so you can "stand up" and you smile about it
- you are super ticklish and you laugh and laugh
- you have the best laugh
- you went with Mama and Daddy on our late Valentines date to see AVATAR with earplugs in your ears (you ate and then slept.... such a great baby boy to have in a packed out movie)
- you went with us to church network connect conference this past weekend and did great
- Daddy started his new job!
- Mama and Daddy are taking a parenting class with some friends call LOVING YOUR KIDS ON PURPOSE
- Today, your 4 month birthday, is also your Gran Gran and Kiki's 36th Wedding Anniversary


He & Me + 3 said...

i love babies laughs. Congrats on the rolling over once:) Happy 4 months. Wow time flies.

Sara said...

Loving your kids on purpose, I've heard great things about it and the BEST present to give your little one. I am learning too and allowing God to completely transform my ideas of parenting, shaping them to his.

Now what was your favorite book?


Writeaway said...

You are a blessing, little lamb! And you are truly one of the sweetest and easiest babies ever! You can not even imagine how much you are loved.

steve and randel hambrick said...

he's adorable! love the eyes :)