Saturday, March 20, 2010

T-O-D-D-L-E-R do what?

(Crayon comes off almost everything with Baking Soda & Warm Water!)
Hangers = Swords
I love my toddler!!


Sara said...

Okay, my fellow momma, we gotta do something together. You have so much fun with your kids and at your home. Will you help me spread the joy?

I invite you to come and get a bit joyful with me. There has been a serious lack of enjoying life in our home over the past few years. I'm busting out, and wanting you to join me, share your ideas, help me start something for others to join in.

Learnin' Livin' Lovin' life,

elle said...

i love your blog post of all of his messes. you can't get mad at him because he just too cute. the St. Patrick's Day pictures are cute too.