Wednesday, March 17, 2010

update & pics

* My Sister came home for a visit and we've enjoyed seeing her! She got a new dog too so my Toddler man has LOVED playing with the new puppy!!

* My sweet Hubby has been sick but is doing better now... being sick - stinks!

* We recently got an offer on our house (that's been on the market since last Fall). We are grateful. It has not gone thru yet, so PLEASE PRAY that it will all go through. We really want our house to SELL!

* The baby is doing great!! He rolled over again yesterday. He laughs SO much! I love it!

* Earlier this week I watched my cousins kids and mine and experienced what it would be like to have four kids under the age of four (4mos, almost 2yrs, 2 & 1/2yrs, & 3yrs) with only the oldest being potty trained and able to dress himself.... it was fun and not really so super overwhelming like you might think. The baby even got a nap and the kids ate snacks and played well. But then again it was only for like 3 hours. Not sure I'd want to take all four to Kroger!! How do other Mom's do it? It is not impossible to have four under the age of four, but I don't think maybe people plan to have them so close together. And it also depends on the personality of the kids. These four are GREAT kids!!!! Some toddlers are more difficult to instruct. But when I think about having more babies.... this little 3 hour window is not much to go by. You have to think about all of the diapers and meals and time-out and sippy cups all day long - every day - for each child. You have to think about how much one needs you when they are sick. Etc... And yet in large part, I feel like God knows how many kids each family will have/could have. I just leave that up to Him. I say, "God you know what our family needs to look like". And I trust him in that.

* We also enjoyed a recent visit with Nana & Papa and our Aunt & Uncle
(We are going to Chick-fil-A today for FREE "green" ice cream!)
HAPPY St. Patrick's Day!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Yum to free ice cream and I will pray that the house sells! fun pictures.