Sunday, March 7, 2010

in the past few days....

- My toddler woke me up one morning begging to eat a pickle!  Yes, a giant pickle for Breakfast.  Ok?!! 

- My little baby had a major diaper malfunction / complete blow-out of epic measure.  We threw away the onesie.... as it was a casualty of the nastiness and not worth salvaging.

- Watched part of the movie "Up" with my son and realized I still have yet to watch that movie all the way through in one sitting.  It's sad and kind of slow, but there is a great pay off and a great moment of FREEDOM where I could sense God was speaking to me in that.

- We are doing a new schedule with bed time these days... on going into my third week and still have not gotten it down to an art.  But I am forging a head and seeing that when things settle in, there will be a great reward in the way our evenings / nights are spent in the future.

- Attended a great CONNECT Conference with our church and network of churches over the weekend!  It was great and God is doing a lot in us still.  ALSO... my once super attached first born son now loves playing in the nursery area and begs to "play with friends" as soon as we get in the parking lot!!  He enjoys being there!

- Following a great blog: 
And learning from Tom's stories!!

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