Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures!!

Our Baby Shower was AWESOME!
September 11, 2009
Thank you to the hosts and everyone who came to make our big day so special! We look fwd to meeting our little guys in a few more weeks...  now we will be closer to "ready"!

We Love Our Sweet Family!

We Love Our Sweet Friends!

(It's a crazy task to get this many babies and toddlers to sit for a photo!)

Time to cut the YUMMY cake!

Time to Open GIFTS! (They did TOO much!)

We Enjoyed Our Wonderful Shower!


He & Me + 3 said...

You are beautiful and the group shot is priceless. What wonderful friends. Love that argyle sweater too. Super cute.

Writeaway said...

What a great shower. You have such sweet friends!

Lora said...

you look amazing!!

Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one, you are too beautiful! I love it, and I love the way God blessed you on your special day.

Hugs from a friend,
Sarah Dawn

Tony C said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the first one...is that your grandmother? I only have one grandparent still alive, and she's 95!

Still praying for you and baby! Don't hear from you much on my blog anymore (you leave great comments), but I'm sure things are buzzing as you get ready for another addition. Hang in there and God bless!