Saturday, September 19, 2009

He's 25 Months Old!!!

________________HAPPY 25 MONTHS OLD
_________________ September 19th 2009
I have had a hard time believing that my little guy is really 2 ALREADY! But time keeps moving FAST even when I try very hard to slow it down and soak in each week, each month, each phase.

Month 24 Highlights
- 2nd Birthday and NEMO themed parties
- Loves PETER PAN (request "Hook")
- Sings songs in every movie now and even does motions on cue
- Can count to 10
- Knows basic shapes
- Learning colors
- Can throw and catch very well
- wearing 2T bottoms and 3T shirts
- 2 year Well Visit (last shots!!)
- Hight: Weight:
- The Dr said he would be at LEAST 6'2 and 195lbs before the end of High School (bast on where he is on the growth charts now) My baby?? I can't think about it!
- Mommy had some pressure down low and had to go to the hospital (but you were asleep and never knew about that) and they said everything was Ok, no labor yet... but it was "labor day weekend"
- Baby Shower for Baby Brother: Sept. 11th
- Daddy was layed off from his job
- We MOVED! Lots of packing and unpacking. We are still getting squared away in our new apartment and preparing for BABY BROTHER
- You and Mama both got Flu shots for the first time

Month 23 Highlights (I'm behind on these from last month)
- Starting to SING songs
- Starting to COUNT (mainly while going up or down stairs)
- Starting to learn Colors and Shapes
- BLUES CLUES is the new thing
- First BEACH TRIP, discovered the sand, the sea, the birds, fish, crabs, and even flying a kite with Daddy! We got to see a real Gator too! Loved Hilton Head!
- Liking the Peter Pan movie, which he calls "no no alligator"
- Talking more and more
- Aunt Katie broke her foot / we did not go to the Zoo
- Getting ready for our 2nd Birthday party (parties)
- Aunt Ellen went back to UA for the Fall semester
- Car wreck (but we were Okay, Thank you Jesus!)

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”- 2 Corinthians 13:14


He & Me + 3 said...

Amazing how much they change at that age in just a month. What a wonderful time for you all. Sorry to hear about your hubs getting laid off. I hope that he is able to find a job soon.

Writeaway said...

The picture of you and Baby Bear is priceless!