Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Anniversary

It's hard to believe that we have been married 6 years!  Time continues to go by faster and faster.  And MUCH faster since we started having kids!  Of course we have had our up's and down's but through it all, we have had each other.  These six years are just the start of a life-time of growing together.  We are not the same people we "fell in love with" in college.  We have grown and changed and experienced life.  We have allowed God to teach us and shape us more and more into who we created to be in this season of life. This season of being young parents, is fun, never dull, and is certainly FULL of LIFE!  We have learned better communication, although I think this must be something that you continually work on and tweak.  We have learned that love is often a choice.  We choose to love.  We choose to honor.  We choose to serve each other or place the other person above ourselves.  I see so much more in my husband than most people do... but maybe that is just because we have become best friends and I know in all different circumstances.  He is solid.  He is steady.  He is very wise.  There is a longing deep inside of him to see and do things that are yet to be done...   I see the treasure in him.  I see who he really is.  I see who God has called him and set him apart to become and to be.  I see an amazing man with an amazing heart and I am grateful to be his partner.  I am blessed by him.  I am blessed by his friendship and his playful spirit.  I am blessed by the way he father's our children!  I am blessed by his willingness to do just about ANYthing to provide for his family -- never thinking he's too good for hard work.  His work ethic is incredible. 
But most of all...
I am blessed that my best friend, my husband of six years, loves Jesus and knows that he is loved in return, by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  There is a great freedom in our lives because we live in this truth (even when our current circumstances do not make since).  He leads me and reminds me of the truth & everlasting promises of God's word.  He is a man after God 's heart.  And I am deeply grateful.
Because my husband is this great man, this pioneer, this renegade... who is also the jack of all trades (plays guitar, can fix things, is great with computers, A/V, and gadgets, is a wonderful leader, people person, very creative, etc...) But because he is who he is and because I said YES to his marriage proposal almost seven years ago in Antigua, Guatemala... our lives are tracking toward that which is not normal.  Then again, what is normal?  Working the same job for 35-40 years and then retiring?  Is that normal? It was the "norm" a few generations ago.  I am not sure what the norm is or will be for my generation?!  But I see (MORE NOW THEN EVER) that we called to live out something different.  We are not chasing the would be American dream life-style.  We are chasing after the things that would usher in the Kingdom of God and coming Bridegroom... with urgency in our bones.  So I married a trail blazer.  I did not know that six years ago.  But it's exciting to discover that we are on course for a great adventure!
Our pastor says that faith is spelled R-I-S-K

So, here's to MANY more years being married to my best friend.


He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. It is such a blessing having a Godly husband.

Anonymous said...

Ann, I absolutely love the way you honor & respect your husband. By the way you talk about it, I'm sure he has countless ways he loves you too. It's so encouraging and I'm thankful to see this - it gives me hope for when I'm married one day! Blessings to you two!!

Tony C said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope God continues to bless your marriage as you both live for Him.