Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy 26 Months!

Happy 26 Month Birthday Today....
October 19th

You are going to be an awesome Big Brother and you are such a joy to our family!

Month 25 Highlights:
- Size 2T pants, 3T shirts and PJ's
- New Size 9 shoes!!
- Loved PETER PAN so much (Called it "No No Alligator" and then called it "Hook") We've watched it A LOT this month
- Your new thing is your You Tube Playlist that Gran Gran set up
It's a combo of flashcards (with sound, words, and movement), and other pre school songs like "The Wheels on the Bus", "ABC's", "5 Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed", etc...
- You are learning ABC's, Shapes (have rectangle, triangle, and octagon down pat), Colors (you are doing so well) and even counting to 10 pretty regularly. You love to learn.
- You love the on line flash cards about animals.... you are picking up on some word recognition too. And you make ALL of the animal sounds so well!
- You have slept in your own bedroom for over a week now!!!!!!!!!!!! After two years of being with Mommy and Daddy -- this was/is a BIG step!
- Now loving the Disney Robin Hood movie (which Mama thinks is sorta a sad movie, but you just like the animals) and request to watch "Pox" which means "F-ox" which means "Robin Hood" almost every night!
- Just watched the Lion King for the first time this month and again... liked the animals and some of the fun songs
- Have gotten to see Nana & Papa a lot this past month too!
- It's rained A LOT and we have not been able to get outside much
- Mama has been getting us moved in and nesting to get ready for baby brother
- We are waiting on TWO more 2yr molars (on the top) to come thru
- Getting used to living with Kiki and Gran Gran and having dinner together twice a week or so (they LOVE getting to see you watching you show off with your YouTube playlist of learning)
- Went to the North GA State Fair
- Went to a "baby gym" for a playdate
- Went to the Pumpkin Patch (when we left , you said, "Bye Orange" -- Too Cute!)
- Lovin' your little toy hammer
- Can do your puzzles VERY well now
- Splashing in the bath and making the whole room wet -- like a wild man
- Great hand-eye cordination [you practice setting up a toy and then using another toy to wack it down]
- SO SWEET about sharing (will even think to offer Daddy a bite of cookie or color snacks even w/o Mama asking.... LOVE THAT sweet sweet heart Jesus gave you!)
- With all of life's transitions, you have done GREAT this month and we can't believe you are already 26 months old and talking and running around FULL SPEED AHEAD with great joy, every single day
- You are such a blessing! God has His hand on you little Bear!


He & Me + 3 said...

He is doing so well. That is awesome that he is doing flash cards and ABC's...we love the Disney movies too.

AtlantaMama said...

Officially ONE MONTH to our November 19th DUE DATE (on Monday, Oct. 19th) WOW! One more month will fly by!

Writeaway said...

There is no cuter child in the world... and that is an unbiased statement. It's just fact.

ME said...

these updates are great! he's a cutie!