Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I need your help...

Our new baby is due in just 5 & 1/2 weeks!

We own a GRACO infant car seat (from our first son) which he out-grew at about 8months old and it was stored in the basement.

As some of you know, we recently moved, and in that process we found that the GRACO SnugRide was covered in mildew (or possibly some mold). The car seat cover/seat cushion is machine-washable. However, the biggest problem is that the mildew is all over the straps. The harness and straps are connected to the plastic seat.

According to the GRACO web site:
- Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and water
- Buckle may be cleaned with a damp cloth

Mild soap won't cut it! If we get into using Lysol or Bleach or even very hot water -- There are Risks:
1.) Risk to the baby of being around, breathing in, or getting chemicals in his mouth
2.) The chemicals can weaken the straps and the effectiveness of the car seat harness and may make the car seat less safe in the event of a wreck


Additionally, when we started trying to clean it and see what to do... I detached the car seat from the base. In the base (also plastic) I found evidence of mice. Yes. Mice have been on or in the car seat and the base while it was stored in our basement. Mice poop and mildew?! NOT GOOD. And certainly not good for a new baby being born in November.

I've looked at buying a new one...

The SnugRides range from about $160's-$190's

I've always been leery of buying a used or consigned car seat because you should NEVER reuse a car seat that has been in a wreck. And most of the time you don't KNOW that information when you are shopping a great deal at a consignment sale. Safety is very important for our little ones.

Another idea... borrowing one from a close friend. Or at least for a few months until we can buy one ourselves.

A. Toss it, it's covered in germs and there are risk (both health and safety) to trying to fully clean it
B. Buy a new one and get your peace of mind back
C. Borrow one from a close friend or as for a SnugRide as a Christmas gift from family
D. Clean it the best you can and don't spend the extra money to buy anything new



McMel said...

I say toss it! There's no use in even risking baby's safety. Between mildew and mold which are incredibly dangerous, and the risk of having to use bleach or cleaners, it's just not even worth it.

I'm sure you know that Graco has now updated their SnugRide to the SnugRide32- which now has a seating limit up to 32 pounds! That's an additional 10 pounds more than the original SnugRide. It starts at Target at $149.99. Plus, if you add another baby to the family- the investment will definitely be worth it!

Good luck!


Tony C said...

I believe you could sanitize and clean the seat no problem (especially with 5 weeks to air it out) with a mild bleach solution, but the real question is- will you be happy with that...or will what you know about the seat bother you when you think about it?

I'm guessing the latter, so I would vote borrow an infant seat until the little one moves up to the next level. You know how quick that goes. The toddler car seat is the one they spend the more time in of the two anyway.

Side note: Hydrogen peroxide cleans and sanitizes things like the straps very effectively. FYI.

Best of luck...it's getting close! God bless!

He & Me + 3 said...

i would ask for it as a gift for the baby from the grandparents. that would give you peace of mind and also would save you money.

katie davis said...

any of those options are great except for the one where you keep what you've got. lots of people love you and will be so happy to help you get a shiny brand new one!