Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 22 Months

Happy 22 Month Birthday
Big Bear... you are almost two!

Highlights from Month 21 :
- totally in a "Finding NEMO" phase (watching the movie, quoting the movie, and pretending to be a shark with Daddy)
- saying, "it's all gone" "I'm running" "I'm dancing" "Hi, Mommy" "what you doing?" "Hi, Daddy" "just a bite"
- reading letters on everything and doing so well
- getting to wear your new 2T bathing suit (late May) to play in the big water bucket at home and then getting to SWIM at Kiki & Gran Gran's house!!
- May 27 Tonsillitis, Coughing, Running Nose, & low grade fever = trip to the Doc & 4 stickers & 2 cookies from the Nurse & a DumDum sucker for the soar throat
- Mama's golden birthday, May 28
- can verbally decline food if he's full or all done or request food he does like (i.e. Do you want a piece of cheese? "no" Do you want some chicken? "No, cow!")
- can say, "i running" "cup all gone, more water"
- sung by a scorpion -- early June 2009
- loves loves loves to wrestle with Daddy
- says "Ok" as a regular reply now and it's TOO cute
- learned how to swim (w/ his life vest on)
- MARCHING! A new game that we play often. We march and chant, "March 2,3,4" like the elephants on the Jungle Book movie (he calls them "E's") and they say Company Halt (he says, STOP) we all pause and then begin again.

- Loves loves Loves the FINDING NEMO MOVIE (seriously, we watch it everyday!)

- SHARKS!! He even asks to look at sharks on the computer

- such a good eater, likes: chicken, roast beef, veggies, fruit, cottage cheese/string cheese, yogurt, veggie straw chips, and chewy fruit snacks

- Becoming a fish and learning to swim so well

(we do use a life vest with a head flap)

- Growing so fast! He wears a size 8 shoe! Tall Boy!


Writeaway said...

These are great photos. Love my Bear!

You didnt mention how he takes your hand and pulls you to where he wants to go. So sweet.

He And Me + 3 said...

He is so cute. You are so lucky to be blogging when he is so little to document it all. I wish I had started sooner. He is growing up so fast Huh? I want to freeze mine for just a little while.

Abby & Pete said...

he is just precious! can't believe he is getting so close to 2!

Bub said...

love this. the SHARKS and the MARCHING!! he's too much. And I love the picture w/ his little foot up. cute boy. i love you both