Monday, June 15, 2009

Toddler True Story

So...... usually when we get out of the bath we get right into a diaper.
The other day, I was not as fast to get him in a diaper. Yea... you guessed it already.

He had been sitting so sweetly on the step of the bath just brushing his teeth and all cute-as-a-button wrapped up in his towel. Next thing I know, he ran out into my room and there was pee pee right in front of my closet door. I went to get something to clean it up. Took care of it and then went back into the bathroom for a sec.

He came to get me and was pulling me into the bed room and toward the closet... talking up a storm all the way to the site of... THE POOP in my closet!!!




Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! So funny!!!! Yeah, Kate pees everytime if I don't get her into a diaper quick enough. That's funny he went #1 and #2 before you even got a chance to put a diaper on him! I remember Ruth Allen's story about Caroline pooping in her shoe!!! I guess it was in her closet too! You'll have to ask her about that! :)


Abby & Pete said...

hahahaha!! love it.

Burt Designs Photography said...

LOL! It happens to the best of us...Get the potty now. :)

Anonymous said...

Ann, this is gross. Really? ha

And you thought you couldnt handle a dog lol

he's too silly :) love yall


Writeaway said...

Think this is a sign that it's time to potty train. So funny, Annie! But, even his poop is cute. :>)