Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pregnancy Update

16 weeks along

This pregnancy has been great. Both of us are healthy and happy! I have not been sick and I have keep up my energy.... God is so good. It is His grace that I am able to continue to be a good mom for my almost two year old and that I 'm not sick in the bathroom. Yay! Thank you Lord! I had an OB-GYN apt today, but it was just for blood work. I had to take my little guy with me today and he was NOT thrilled to see the nurse "doing something" to his Mama! My weight is good and the blood work will check for a few issues (but it is not an invasive test on the baby) with the baby and genetic probability.
We continue to pray for our new little boy, that God is forming him perfectly and wonderfully everyday. We pray for health and life and joy and freedom over him regularly. Our next apt will be the longer 20 week sonogram. I love that. I love to see him and get some pictures & video of him. I can't wait to see what he looks like! I think about him at night a lot and I think about what he might look like... or wonder about his little personality... and I think about names... I am filled with joy and freedom because of this child. He is already ministering to his Mama!!!
That's my update for now... BLESSINGS!


Writeaway said...

He is ministering to his grandmother too. Can't wait to see that darling lamb!!! And HOLD HIM!!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh wow! You know the sex already?

How did you find it out so soon?

Very exciting and praising God you are both doing so well!


The Adairs said...

congratulations on your new baby! it's great news!