Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stung by a Scorpion

Over the weekend, my son was stung by a Scorpion!

We brought him down out of his room and into our living room because there was a bad storm going on. He was laying on a blanket in our living room floor and watching a movie to go to sleep. All of the sudden, in this very dark room, he started screaming and reaching for his neck or back. I yelled out, "He 's been stung or bitten or something... turn on the light!" I pulled his shirt of immediately. What was going on? Very soon the wound was visible and I went for a wet paper towel to help him feel better. My sister and my husband were looking around on the blanket, on his shirt, and around the floor where he had been... then I heard my sister say, "There 's a SCORPION!!" In our house!? My husband got it and kept it in a container. He told me to get vinegar, but there was not any in the kitchen. He said, "Get salt and hold that on the wound". Huh? Sounds painful... but we did it. My sister called 911 and her boyfriend called poison control. My husband was holding the salted-wet-paper towel on the site of the wound. Then my husband sucked out the poison (twice) and spit into the sink. I don't know that you NEED to do this, but you Bear Grylls fans know that sometimes you just do what you have to do. Plus, it was his child and in that moment, he did not want the poison to continue to make his little boy hurt and cry. I held the screaming-in-pain-baby and tried to calm him down in any way that I could. I was praying out loud, singing songs he likes, talking to him and just holding him and trying to think about WHAT TO DO for a SCORPION STING???!!!
A FEW TIPS on Scorpion Stings:
- No one has died, on this side of the Mississippi river, of a scorpion sting (from the poison control folks)
- Treat it like a wasp sting
- Use salt or meat tenderizer on a wet paper towel /wash cloth
- My husband says you can also use vinegar
- If the person is allergic, you will know within 30 mins
- Allergic Reactions can include: fever, trouble breathing, a rash, swelling, redness around the site, and other noticeable reactions
- If you think the person might be allergic, do not give them anything this eat or drink & get them to the hospital or call EMS/911 for help
The EMS / 911 team arrived and checked him out. He was so good. We showed them the culprit (the still living scorpion, in a food storage container) and they wrote down a description. All in all, we agreed that my son was ALREADY DOING BETTER. Seriously, God is so good and so faithful. The swelling had already gone down. We decided we did not need to go on to the hospital and that we would just watch him. He continued to get better and we were just thanking God. He does NOT appear to be allergic. The scorpion got flushed!

The next day, it looked SO MUCH BETTER!

________________Praise God, He's is OK!


(Writeaway) said...

I am certain that he got better so quickly because his daddy swooped down and sucked out the poison! Still frightened us all! Thank you, Lord, for healing that precious baby boy! That scorpion was bad news… glad he got flushed!

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow. God was truly protecting your little guy. Thank God you all knew what to do and acted quickly. so glad he is doing better too.

Maria Elena said...

Oh my! I would have no idea of what to do and I would have been so panicked...BTW, Do you have the number for the poison control center? I told Kike we need that number in the fridge (door) scary, I need to strat checking Isabels room before bedtime, it's amazing what can get inside your house! ugh!

I'm glad you are ALL doing better and looking forward to seeing you on friday!

Maria Elena

Mandy said...

That is crazy. How scary!!! I am glad he is okay! Love,Mandy

MD said...

Mon 6/15/09 2:37 AM Thank God he is ok. I did learn a lot by reading the blog.... I would not have known what to do. Thanks for sharing. :-)


Sarah said...

You and your family are VERY blessed! On the OTHER side of the Mississippi, the poison of those foul creatures in AZ can kill small bodies.

I'll always remember one night, I felt something on my chest and swooshing whatever away (thinking it could be a roach - I hate those things!)
I didn't see anything, so I got up and went to the bathroom. I sit and do my thing, half asleep still. So before I get back to bed I"m standing at
at the foot of it just looking to see if there is anything there, when I feel something on my chest. I look down and there is a scorpion hanging
from the front of my pajama! Automatically, without thinking, I just smacked it off! I found it and killed it. My method: I would take my swiffer
pole, since it's flat and square and smack it then hammer it---just to make sure it was really, really dead. I know, sounds gross, but I don't take
any chances.

All I could do was to continually praise GOD because this was found in my bedroom and not in my daughter's, who was only 2-3y.o.

I'm thankful you shared this with me about scorpions here- I had no idea.

WinnFamily said...

How scary! So glad he's okay. I am scared for my boys to get bitten or stung by anything like that, especially my older sons because he already has some life threatening food allergies and I have a fear (probably irrational) that he will have a similar reaction to an insect sting/bite.
By the way, everything turned out just fine with the ultrasound on my leg.

Kelley said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear this!!!!!!!!!! I know what it feels like to experience such fear when it comes to our precious little ones!!! Bless your hearts! Sounds like your outcome/recovery is going very well! I do know someone who was stung by one when putting on their shoe!!!! They kept their shoes in the garage and the young boy slipped his shoes on and got stung. After hearing that story, i knew there were scorpions in GA. Also taught me to check my shoes in the garage before putting them on! I had a cockroach in my tennis shoe back in high school. Didn't know that big sucker was in my shoe until I had it on and laced up and started walking! Yuck! Still gives me the willies just thinking about it! :)