Saturday, June 6, 2009

Park Pictures and Ducks

We enjoyed going to the park this morning. At first we were not sure that the ducks were "nice" but then we found out just how much fun it was to feed them some left over bread. We enjoyed our friends birthday party & some yummy cake! He even went on the BIG TALL SLIDE all by himself today and he was so proud. We had a bad fall today but thankfully, he's A-Okay. God is so good to protect my sweet love like he did. But in the process of Mama diving for him, my camera broke. Sad times! He took a great nap (after we check him out very well & checked his eyes & knew that it was Ok for him to sleep) and we enjoyed a great family night of going out to dinner and going by the mall. I found a cute new maternity outfit (I'm 16 wks now) which I bought with my birthday money! Here are some of the shots I captured BEFORE the incident. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND FRIENDS!!

Every time he threw the bread, he said, "catch duck"

The very TALL slide
___________ was a lot of fun!! He's such a big boy now!


Writeaway said...

Love these photos of my sweet lamb. I'm so sorry he got hurt today, but thankfully he is alright. What happened to your camera? Is it fixable? You have to have your camera! Was it your new one that broke? Oh no!

The Video Guy said...

great pictures. he is so big to go all the way up to the tall slides.

He And Me + 3 said...

Sorry about your camera...but the pictures before hand turned out super cute. He is so sweet.